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Company Registration

Sign a contract for accounting services, and we will establish your company in the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia completely FREE! Quick and simple, the whole procedure takes less than 24 hours. All you have to do is sign the necessary documents. We will do the registration.

What information do I need so that I can open a company?
  • Name of the new company
  • Address of the new company
  • Name/Surname of Founder/s
  • Name/Surname of Manager
  • UMCN and ID number of Founder/s
  • UMCN and ID number of Manager/s
  • Code of activity
  • Founding deposit (5000 euros in basic assets or money)
  • E-mail
What is the minimum deposit to register a company?
  • 5.000 Euros - monetary or non-monetary contribution
  • 0 (Zero) Euros (with an obligation to pay 5.000 Euros - within one year)
How soon can a company be opened?
  • Usual registration time is 1 (one) day. This time includes the preparation of the documentation and submission of the documents in the Central Registry of Macedonia.
Is the cost of company registration really 0 (zero) denars?
  • If a contract for accounting services has been concluded with GORVIK DOOEL Skopje, company registration is FREE, i.e. 0 (zero) denars.